"Greg is a brilliant attorney - extremely knowledgeable, professional, highly responsive, and level-headed."

"Excellent knowledge of employment law."

"Greg is the attorney you need for any labor issue."


Greg is a Brilliant Attorney
Extremely knowledgeable, professional, highly responsive, and level-headed. A joy to work with, he is an aggressive and persistent advocate who provides excellent legal services to his clients. As a colleague, he is the consummate professional, extremely hard-working, diligent, attentive to detail, gracious, thoughtful, and always a gentleman.

Mr. Fidlon has a pleasant demeanor, professional at all times, and he is extremely knowledgeable about employment law. Employment law brings in clients who are in jeopardy of losing their job or have already lost their job; regardless, when he commits to taking your case he gives 100% and works effectively with his clients. Mr. Fidlon is intelligent, and strategic in his thinking. His ability to quickly comprehend the situation, see the big picture, and draw a legal roadmap to get there is incredible. No matter what happens with my case I know Mr. Fidlon has made sure I am in the best position possible. I know he is doing his absolute best. A client can’t ask for more than this. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Gregory R. Fidlon, PC to anyone who is in need of an Employment Attorney. Mr. Fidlon not only met my expectations, but he has successfully exceeded them. Job well done!

I have known and worked with Greg for over twelve years. In that time, Greg has repeatedly shown himself to be an excellent lawyer. His grasp of the law is matched only by his understanding of his client’s practical needs. Greg has a candid, no-nonsense approach and is always extremely professional. When a client, colleague or friend needs a recommendation for an employment attorney in the Atlanta area, I always refer them to Greg. The feedback I have received from those I have referred to Greg has been overwhelmingly positive, with several praising his expertise in the field. In short, Greg is a top-notch attorney, and I cannot recommend him enough.

Greg is the Attorney Everyone Wants Working for Them He will let you know in advance if he thinks there is a case worth pursuing, and will then work toward the client’s best possible outcome. I have worked for many attorneys, and I would certainly highly rate and highly recommend Greg.

Greg is the Ultimate Professional
Although there are no guarantees when it comes to employment related cases, you can count on Greg doing an excellent job for you. While a lot of law firms look for slam dunk cases, Greg was willing to go up against my former employer which is a very large company with its own defense lawyers. My former employer had gone to the distance fabricating a case against me; however, Greg took my case because he took the time to not only study the case but I believe he also respected my honesty and integrity. In other words, although extremely logical, I believe Greg also appreciates the human aspects of the case. Through his excellent interview and listening skills, he also made good use of the facts and documents that I had collected against my former employer relative to my case. These, coupled with his excellent knowledge of the employment law, we were able to settle the case rather quickly. Greg is the ultimate professional and one that I would recommend to anyone that may be in need of an excellent attorney.

Exceptional Employment Attorney! Greg has been wonderful! He has remained extremely professional and upheld a high level of integrity during my case. I was referred to Greg by Pre-paid legal and I have been completely satisfied with his level of professionalism. Greg and his business partner Nancy, have been both informative and reliable. I could not imagine going through my EEOC mediation without him and the results have far surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend Greg and Nancy; I will definitely pass Greg’s contact information on to my closest business colleagues.

I hired the services of Greg Fidlon for a discrimination case that I was planning to file against my employer. However, the case was settled, thereby making it unnecessary to pursue the lawsuit. Clearly, the outcome was due to Greg’s outstanding work as my attorney. Specifically, in his work on my case, Greg demonstrated knowledge of employment law; he consulted me at every stage and greatly valued my views; he was courteous and respectful, as well as very prompt in responding to my queries. Above all, Greg demonstrated that he is a caring human being, and not simply a lawyer. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Greg.

Great Experience! Greg was the best lawyer I’ve ever worked with. Responds immediately and is very knowledgeable in his field!

Greg is a True Professional
I had a complicated employment agreement and contacted Greg to advise and assist me in negotiating with my former employer. Greg went above and beyond my expectations. He is responsive and has a tremendous work ethic. I recommend him without qualification.

Very Knowledgeable and Practical Approach
Greg recently worked on a separation agreement with me. He was able to quickly obtain the information he needed from me to present a compelling case for negotiation. He gave solid advice and the result was fair.

Focused Effort
The main issue in this case concerned unpaid overtime wages. Greg was obviously well-informed on the laws and applicable regulations involved He accurately interpreted the facts presented and realistically predicted the opposing party’s likely settlement offer. I was particularly impressed with his ability to gather and analyze the highly detailed data concerning the dates, hours worked, parties involved, etc. from the Excel spreadsheets and Word documents I provided. His computer savvy greatly reduced the billable time required to prepare for the negotiations with my former employer.

I hired Greg for an employment dispute with my gov’t job, he was very knowledgeable, about gov’t practices and law, I was always well informed of every move he made, He was very responsive to any questions or inquiries that I came to him with after working with him I found him to be a very trustworthy lawyer, He got a feel for what I wanted and I trusted him to make decisions for my benefit and just as I thought he did an excellent job with my case, Everything I wanted in a lawyer for this case Greg fit the bill, I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer for any employment issue. Thanks Greg.

I used Greg for an employment separation agreement negotiation. He was responsive and knowledgeable – a refreshing experience with the legal industry. He often sent emails in the evening and called me to update or confirm topics.

Fantastic Experience: Cannot Imagine How it Could Have Gone Better!
Greg Fidlon was recommended to me by the Georgia bar to help facilitate a separation agreement with a former employer. Although I have never needed to seek the support of professional counsel in the past, I was very impressed with the diligence, subject-matter expertise, candor and overall professionalism displayed by Greg Fidlon as my attorney and thus would be hard-pressed to imagine a better experience. In short, he displayed a level of integrity that all of his colleagues within his profession should aspire to. The primary thrust of me seeking counsel was to ensure that the initial separation agreement offered by my employer was in my best interest given the particulars surrounding my resignation. At the onset of my interaction with Greg, I shared with him that I was not interested in filing suit of any sort against my former employer but rather just wanted to be certain that the terms offered in the separation agreement adequately protected me and my family. Greg listened very well and never attempted to push any sort of pre-conceived agenda nor did he try to strong-arm me into filing any suit. Rather he objectively listened to the details surrounding my situation and provided some suggestions that we should make to the separation agreement to protect my interests. From that point onward, Greg dealt on my behalf directly with the attorneys from my former employer which allowed me to focus on other priorities. Throughout the negotiation process, Greg provided updates on a regular basis as warranted. I always felt that I was keenly in the loop. Ultimately, Greg was able to negotiate all of the terms that we wanted in the separation agreement that protected both me and my family. Moreover, Greg was also able to negotiate additional financial compensation and additional medical coverage, both of which were beyond my expectations. Greg also handled the process in a very expeditious timeframe. The entire process was completed in a matter of weeks. In terms of costs for his services, Greg was very up-front with the estimate, and how the billing process works. If anything, the number of billing hours and the cost to me were lower than what I had expected. In summary, I would strongly recommend the services of Greg Fidlon and will not hesitate to use him again in the future if the circumstances present themselves.

Non-compete Issues
Greg did a great job navigating a non-compete issue with my previous employer while still being able to do my job at my new employer.

In the course of representing me and my organization over several years in a very difficult, contentious case, Mr. Fidlon has done an outstanding job, writing superb pleadings, giving excellent counsel and keeping me advised of all of the developments and options in the case. He has always been available when needed and has answered every question to my satisfaction. He also brought about a successful result with this strategy and legal writing skills. The arguments he advanced on our behalf were accepted and adopted by the Court with regard to both preliminary issues and the ultimate resolution of the case.

An Outstanding Job By an Outstanding Attorney and Firm
Excellent knowledge of employment law. Greg provided expectations that, at the end of the day, were right on the money. He provided excellent advice with my case, collected a larger settlement than expected – hard hitting and no nonsense approach. Not only did we settle out of court and receive more than expected, but it was an open and shut case in less than 3 weeks. The negligent employer couldn’t snake its way past him. I highly recommend him and his firm for any employment compensation issues.

First Time in 25 years I Can Enthusiastically Recommend a Lawyer!
A disgruntled former employee of my company filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor alleging unpaid wages. Not only was the former employee paid appropriately, but he had actually embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from the company. Against this backdrop, wherein the stakes were clearly high, and wherein we were allotted 14 days to respond, I went shopping for an attorney. I interviewed several lawyers whose sole agenda, it turned out, was to discuss money, rather than the facts of the case and if they could actually help us. This was the extent of their so-called ‘free consultation.’ When I got to Greg Fidlon, however, he was genuinely engaged, asked great questions and gave me his assessment of the way ahead. After which, fees were discussed, based on what would actually be required of him. (What a novel concept!) Thereafter, I went to his office with my paperwork. He never made me feel like I was just a dollar bill. He never looked at his watch or tried to rush me along. The typical attorney tact. He was genuine and thoughtful. We devised our strategy as a team. He consulted with me throughout the ordeal. He ALWAYS got back to me the same day, even on the weekends, when such was completely unexpected. And, ultimately, the Department of Labor found no merit in the former employee’s claim, based on our representation of the facts and Greg Fidlon’s strategy for presenting same. As an MBA, I have had to contend with innumerable attorneys since 1986. This is the first, and so far the only time I’ve actually ‘enjoyed’ it. I would highly recommend Greg for any employment-related matter. My only regret is that he doesn’t practice all fields of law!

Bad Situation, Great Experience and Outcome!
Greg Fidlon was recommended to me by a legal service team that I am a member of to help facilitate a discriminatory termination dispute with a former employer. At the time, I was searching for a legal representative that would not only represent my best interests but would also provide guidance as it relates to my overall legal rights. I also needed help in determining what would be the appropriate path to proceed with given my particular circumstance. Needless to say that when I had my first meeting with Greg, I was very pleased with the approach that he took to work on my case. His level of knowledge within his field was impressive as was his commitment to achieve the best resolution for my case on my behalf. Throughout the process, the level of communication with Greg was regular and timely and I never felt rushed or pressured into making any decisions that I did not feel was right for me or that would go against my own personal beliefs. Greg helped to negotiate the terms of my settlement package, to include medical coverage as well as additional compensation for me and my family at an increased value than what my previous employer first offered. The overall process took a few months. Given the different paths that the process could have taken, I was very pleased that we were able to reach a settlement in such a short period of time. Out of pocket fees were within industry standard and were well worth the outcome. I definitely feel that I faired far better than if I had not had Greg representing me. I would definitely retain his services again in the future and would recommend him to family and friends.

Exceptional Attorney
I want to express my deepest sense of gratitude and appreciation to Attorney Greg Fidlon & Attorney Nancy Baumgarten, for all the hard work that they put forth into my case (internal grievance filled with my employer). Their attention to detail and professionalism far surpasses their firm’s reputation. Because of their diligence and dedication to their craft, they were able to bring my case to a successful close, one that I could live with. Should I have a need for their services again in the future, or know of anyone looking for a top notch Employment Law Firm, I would not hesitate to recommend them!!!!

Endorsing Mr. Greg Fidlon for Age Discrimination Complaints
I was turned down by five law firms until I talked to Mr. Fidlon. I contacted Mr. Fidlon from California. Mr. Fidlon took the case with no promises and kept me informed every step via email and phone calls. Within a very short time and in a very professional manner, Greg presented a strong legal case that made my former employer raise a white flag and settle my case to my complete satisfaction. Greg knows his stuff, he is what i call a very friendly legal pit bull.

I’ve worked with Greg Fidlon through two different employment law cases – neither were slam dunks – and I am extremely satisfied with the favorable outcomes Greg achieved for me. Greg listened to my information and facts, and then did an excellent job of condensing down to pertinent content. Greg also worked with me to clarify my objectives, craft a realistic strategy to achieve and then executed with urgency and professionalism. He was always available when needed, and kept me informed via email and phone. My cases took a while to resolve due to my employer’s process, but I never felt out of the loop. Greg was always efficient, but I never felt that rushed or condescending style that can happen with attorneys. Greg is a genuine good guy who works very hard for his clients. I hold him in high regard – and I have very high standards – and recommend him to anyone in need of an employment counsel. Thanks Greg – you rock!

Don’t look anywhere else for an exceptional attorney to represent you in an employment related claim. I had an extremely complex issue to navigate, and Greg took the time and made the effort required to fully understand the circumstances, my position, and all of the underlying details. He was very straightforward with our agreement, billing, and I knew exactly what to expect. Let’s face it – none of us want to have to retain an attorney… but if you do, I can’t recommend a better one – Greg Fidlon exceeded my expectations in all respects – very well done.

Professional, Knowledgeable, Ethical
I used the Law Offices of Gregory R. Fidlon and my experience was exceptional to say the least. I was met with professionalism and expertise, advice and legal interaction that was demonstrably prudent and effective. The communication was concise, open and did not leave me with any impressions of subjectivity. I was met with what I would describe as the truth of potentialities without regard to the obvious outcome I, as well as any person, would seek and hope to hear echoed back. That is, the focus was on objective facts in order to allow potential clients to make well informed crucial decisions. The business side of this law office is also very transparent. In summary: Professional, knowledgeable, ethical.

I highly recommend the services of Gregory Fidlon. He is professional, extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and very diligent in the pursuit of obtaining justice for his clients. He is also skilled in his ability to provide patience and sound judgement during a time of chaos and confusion. You definitely want to have him represent you.

Termination Agreement Review
I reached out to Greg Fidlon based on the great reviews and ratings I read online about him and his firm. And now I can say that I agree with all of them. I emailed about a consultation and I received a personal reply the same day. I felt my needs were heard and addressed extremely quickly, in a professional manner, and was an efficient use of both of our time. I am so glad that I decided to contact him regarding a termination agreement. He pinpointed exactly what I needed to be addressed and gave me clear counsel on how to negotiate. Thanks to his solid counsel, I was able to have my agreement revised in my best interests. I highly recommend contacting Greg Fidlon to review your situation. It is more than worth the time, effort, and fee, which was small in comparison to the potential longterm impact of not applying his expertise.

I retained Mr. Fidlon after trying (and failing) to negotiate a severance settlement package with my company. As soon as Greg stepped in a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. Greg took the time to listen and understand my individual needs. I felt quite comfortable and at ease when dealing with Greg. He resolved everything in a timely manner and was able to come away with more than I had hoped. I couldn’t ask for anything more and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again if the need arose or refer him to friends or relatives in need.

Mr. Fidlon worked with our company in a very professional and expeditious manner throughout our case. He understood the nuances affecting our position, explained our options, and worked to achieve the best outcome for us. Had he been less concerned with putting our needs first, he certainly could have accrued more billable hours for himself. We would not hesitate before contacting him again should we need the services of a proven and ethical attorney.

EEOC Mediation
Mr Fidlon was thorough in his preparation for my mediation. He was able to condense several documents and consultations to a more concise, effective statement of pertinent facts. He had a great understanding of the mediation process and possible pitfalls. His efforts resulted in a better than expected financial settlement for me. Additionally, he negotiated a favorable personal recommendation and separation terms.

I am at the appeals stage of the EEOC process. Two representatives have taken retainers without producing. One I needed to report to the bar. Then, a recommendation led me to AVVO which led me to Mr. Fidlon. He’s been very responsive and has agreed to make an evaluation of my case. He has not made any unnecessary promises and I believe he will make an honest assessment. It’s been a long, painful three years since my accident with FEMA and having my employment terminated while injured. Mr. Fidlon will either agree to move my case forward or give me closure.

Working with Greg on my case totally lowered my stress level and he explained each step that needed to be taken in a clear and simple manner. I told him a large volume of information and because of his great analytical skills, he was able to condense it into a couple bullet points of action which paved its way to a successful outcome. He knew what needed to be done as soon as we finished with my consultation and he kept me updated on each step that was taken. Greg’s interpersonal skills are pretty impressive. I felt 100% comfortable with him and trusted him to have my best interests at heart. I presented him with my case on Friday and it was resolved Monday morning due to Greg’s commitment and perseverance. We communicated over the weekend and whenever I had a concern or question, I received a response within the hour. Overall, I very satisfied with Greg’s performance as well as his impressive ability to communicate and reason with my former employer. He turned a stressful situation into a case that was resolved rather quickly and he added no emotional strain.

I am very appreciative of the assistance that Attorney Fidlon has provided in handling my unemployment benefits appeal with my previous employer and as a result we were able to retain my benefits as originally ordered by the Department of Labor. Attorney Fidlon timely answered all my questions and gave good advice in handling the proceedings and took the time to make a follow up call to explain his impressions of the hearing and what to expect in the coming days. I would highly recommend Attorney Fidlon to anyone finding themselves up against a previous employer.

I wish I had worked with Greg before I accepted my original job offer, with my now former employer. He was able to help negotiate an acceptable and reasonable severance package for me. Things that were “not possible” became possible. I am now vested in my retirement. He was understanding of the emotions involved and offered good counsel.

Efficient and Effective
Greg represented me in a release/severance agreement negotiation with a former employer. Given that I had an (arbitrary) 3-day deadline to respond to their terms as outlined, I urgently needed professional counsel and Greg moved quickly to provide level-headed legal perspective on my bargaining position and to extend the deadline to a more practical date. In the end, Greg and I worked together to negotiate three times the original amount of separation pay as well as amend the terms so that they limited my exposure to many of the pitfalls that often arise in this type of contract. While your results may vary, you can be assured that Greg conducts his business as a high quality professional and will add legitimacy to your argument in the eyes of your counter-party.

Mr. Fidlon is Simply the Best
He was the best attorney I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. I would secure his services with any case in the future. A class act. I would recommend over anyone in the industry.

Very Good
Greg Fidlon was very professional and reliable in helping me during a mediation session with my former employer. With Greg’s support, I was able to reach a favorable settlement in a relatively short time frame. Mr. Fidlon is very knowledgeable of employment law, levelheaded, and realistic. He explained matters of my case to me in great detail to ensure that I understood the legality my case. Overall, I’d recommend him to any of my friends or colleagues that are experiencing issues on the job.

Greg was my opposing counsel in a sexual harassment case. He represented his client well, with a strong understanding of the law. He was a real professional and great to work with even as we represented opposing views. I would certainly recommend him to both employee and employers.

I Endorse this Lawyer
Mr. Fidlon was opposing counsel in an employment/labor matter. He represented his client, an employee, very well. As a result of his efforts we settled the matter and his client received a fair settlement. Mr. Fidlon is a very capable lawyer, professional, knowledgeable of the law and an experienced negotiator.

I’ll Always Recommend Fidlon Legal
Every legal action I was involved with in the past turned out to be a painful and tedious process. I would always be grudgingly hounding former attorneys for months, sometimes years just to get some kind of update. And sometimes I would prevail when things were finally resolved, only to be frustrated by my inability to collect my damages. When I retained the services of Fidlon Legal, I was expecting more of the same, which wasn’t much, and was astounded by the results I got. My attorney at Fidlon Legal, Louise, was amazing! First of all, my initial consultation was free. I had never received a free legal consultation in my life. And even more importantly, I didn’t really think I had a case. Louise was quick to access my situation and tell me that I indeed did have a case. I just didn’t know the law! Once we got the ball rolling, my case was resolved with lightning speed and I received my judgment just as quickly. As far as labor disputes go, I won’t hesitate for a moment. I’ll always recommend Fidlon Legal.

I have enjoyed working with the Law Office of Greg Fidlon and would definitely recommend the office to everyone with an employment law issue. If there’s ever a need in the future, this office would be my first choice. Initially, my consultation began with Greg Fidlon who was courteous, knowledgeable, trustworthy, etc. In addition, Greg provided excellent legal counsel regarding my issue. I was very impressed with how the initial consultation was handled. As a result of his expert advice and direction, I was able to pursue legal action. After the initial consultation, I began working with Louise Smith at the firm, who was exceptional. Communication was key and I can definitely state that I trusted my attorneys, they kept me updated, I valued their expert advice, and the list goes on…etc. I was very impressed with the customer service provided and am appreciative of having them as my attorneys on the issue of which was resolved favorably. The Law Office of Greg Fidlon is highly recommended. It was my pleasure to work with such an awesome team of individuals.

Our medical practice was introduced to Atty Fidlon via an employee matter. Atty Fidlon was professional, reliable, courteous, and provided the best legal advice. I highly recommend Atty Fidlon to any individual, company or organization seeking an honest attorney with the highest standards of justice.

Highly Recommend Greg Fidlon
Handled my matter in an expert, and highly professional manner. Dispensed good advice, was always available and responsive. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Greg again.

Greg is the attorney you need for any labor issue. Greg will bring you back to reality when you would prefer to make a decision that may not be in the best interest of you or your company.

Greg is thorough in getting the pertinent information needed before giving an answer. He is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to help with any labor/employment issue that you might have in your organization.

Greg is candid, easy to work with and takes a no-nonsense approach to each situation. I would highly recommend Greg to handle any labor issue you may be dealing with. He will keep you out of trouble.

Thanks for the Help
Greg is very knowledgeable and does great work. He responds promptly to emails and phone calls. He helped me understand the issues at hand to help me make the best decision. We resolved the issue in a timely manner. I will seek his advice if future issues come up and definitely recommend him to everyone.

Attorney Greg Fidlon was surprisingly attentive during the initial consultation. So much so that on the day of mediation, he surprised me with an exact recall of everything I said. I didn’t think he had written or remembered all I said. He used it all during his opening statement, and that alone I believe won the case. I was then and still am very thankful to have him as my lawyer. I highly recommend him.

Great Help!
Greg listened to my issues and provided feedback on the best course of action for the result I wanted.

Greg was very knowledgeable about the subject matter relative to my case. He was quick to return my calls and/or e-mails and kept me well-informed of each and every development in my case. I would retain his services again in the future if needed. I would also recommend him to a colleague or friend without reservation.

Very professional, knows his area of law very well, and a good evaluation of the claims of both sides of a matter.

Greg is a knowledgeable advocate for his clients, both on the plaintiff’s side and the defense side.

Excellent Work!
Greg Fidlon is an extraordinary lawyer. My firm has hired him to represent us on several dicey HR situations. In each, he provided clear, concise and wise counsel. His knowledge of labor and employment law is deep and broad. He is our go-to guy in Atlanta!

The Difference Between a Good Attorney and a Great Attorney!
Greg did an outstanding job in handling my separation agreement with my former employer. He provided quality and professional service. I was very impressed with his negotiating in an attempt to ensure that I received a reputable separation and a fair separation package. He was very thorough and provided timely status updates throughout the entire process. If you are seeking honest great legal representation and guidance from an outstanding employment attorney, I truly recommend Greg. He thoroughly reviews all of the facts and will not lead you down an undefined path.

Realistic, Timely, Knowledgeable
I would highly recommend Greg Fidlon and his team for their expertise and professionalism. Greg’s no-nonsense approach and realistic expectations provided me with the facts to make informed decisions and select a course of action which Greg successfully executed, providing additional protections I had not thought of and more than doubling my separation package.

I wasn’t paid for several months by an employer and he worked to get me paid. I am very happy with his service.

The Best of the Best
Rachel is a smart, dedicated, empathetic and reliable attorney. She takes pride in what she does and is great at it. She is respectful, honest, and trustworthy. If you’re looking for an attorney who will fight for you and keep you educated on Georgia employment law, I highly recommend her. She helped me and I am proud to say that she was my attorney.

Excellent Discrimination Attorney
I hired Rachel Smith to handle my discrimination and retaliation case that was very emotional at the time. The case went on for almost six months and I am glad it is over. Rachel did a wonderful job and I would highly recommend her for anyone needing help in this area of legal law. She was very supportive the whole duration of my case and always called or emailed me back in a very timely manner. Rachel is very knowledgeable in employment field and explains thoroughly any questions that you may have. Not only is Rachel knowledgeable but is very professional and treats you in a respectful manner. Once again, I would highly recommend Rachel for any employment legal issues that you are having. I won my case!!

Amazing Lawyer
Honest, kept me informed on everything. Overall awesome.

The Best Lawyer Ever!!
Rachel is one of the best there is and knows her stuff. She was very pleasant and professional. Every time there were any updates, she made sure she communicated eith me asap. Trust me, I can go on and on with nothing but great things about her and her great skills. I recommend her 150%. Thanks for everything, Rachel!!!

Rachel Smith is very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. On top of all the professionalism, she is very sweet and polite. I had a complicated employment agreement and contacted Rachel to advise and assist me in negotiating with my former employer. She went above and beyond my expectations, took the time and made the effort required to fully understand the circumstances, my position, and all of the underlying details. She is responsive and has a tremendous work ethic. I recommend her without qualification

Excellent Lawyer
Rachel Smith is very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. On top of all the professionalism, she is very sweet and polite. She was able to negotiate more than I was expecting. I would recommend Rachel Smith 100% for your Employment / Labor law needs.

DISCLAIMER: The quotations listed above are actual comments from clients and colleagues of Law Offices of Gregory R. Fidlon, P.C. and its attorneys. They reflect those individuals’ experiences only, and should not be construed as a guarantee, warranty or prediction of the results of your representation.

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"Greg is a brilliant attorney - extremely knowledgeable, professional, highly responsive, and level-headed."

"Excellent knowledge of employment law."

"Greg is the attorney you need for any labor issue."